Environment Care
is a major Product
Research and Development
MBE consideration

Matthews Brothers Engineering invests a lot of time, resources, money and thought process to ensure our products meet the demands of an ever changing, evolving industry. Matthews Brothers Engineering always striving to make our products even better than previous. “What if” is a constant question we ask within our research and development department.

What if we do this or do that, how will it improve our products and make our customers job easier, more efficient, reliable and yet still remain cost effective. Matthews Brothers Engineering always look to the road ahead for our next inspirational idea. Ever since Roy Matthews Senior developed his first road making products and equipment the environmental effect was always a major consideration, always thinking of ways to minimise the effect of road making practices on the Australian Environment, a legacy we strive to achieve today in every product we manufacture, the way we dispose of manufacturing waste to the way our products are designed and manufactured ensures the Australian Environment benefits from all our years of innovation, technology and love of our country, our landscapes, people and places. We are proud Australians. We are Matthews Brothers Engineering… we really care.