About Our Bitumen Tankers – Dog Trailers

Building on our knowledge & experience manufacturing specialised Bitumen Spraying Vehicles, Matthews Brothers have developed a range of Bitumen Tankers (a.k.a. MBE Dog-Trailers) to provide additional support and crucial product capacity to our clients.

All our Bitumen Tankers are designed and manufactured to comply with all relevant Australian Standards relating to the Transport of Dangerous Goods and are subject to a rigorous and independent Design Approval process.

Our MBE equipment is designed to meet the demanding Australian conditions in a way that only home-grown engineering can.

Bitumen Tanker Specification

MBE Bitumen Road Tankers are available in a variety of payload capacities, axle configurations and include everything from our classic tanker design through to our motorised options which feature on board bitumen pumps and product agitator. An overview of the options currently available are:

  • 14,000 Litre – Tandem Axle
  • 19,000 Litre – Tri Axle
  • 25,000 Litre – Quad Axle
  • 20,000 Litre – Moto – Quad Axle

MBE’s Flagship Bitumen Tanker is the 20,000 Litre Moto-Agi which utilises our time proven MBE Bitumen Pumps and Valves, specifically designed for the application of high temperature bitumen products. This model also features four product agitators, perfect for use with Bitumen which include Crumbed Rubber Binders.

To optimise our Tankers to the clients specific need we offer a wide variety of optional extras. To receive a full list of all our Bitumen Tanker Options please contact us through our ‘Enquiry’ page.

Custom Built

Every MBE Bitumen Tanker is made to order in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located Altona North, Victoria.

We pride ourselves on supplying advanced road making equipment which is a culmination of craftsmanship, ingenuity and a whole team of experts collaborating to deliver Australia’s premier Bitumen Spraying vehicle.

Please see our ‘Bitumen Tanker Gallery’ for more images of our Tankers.

For a full list of all available options please get in touch via the ‘Enquiry’ page or find our details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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