BITumen sprayer

About Our Bitumen Sprayers

MBE have been manufacturing specialised bitumen handling equipment since the 70’s and over half a century we have refined our products resulting in our modern range of premier equipment including the MBE Bitumen Sprayer.

All our Sprayers are designed and manufactured to comply with all relevant Australian Standards relating to the Transport of Dangerous Goods and are subject to a rigorous and independent Design Approval process.

Our Sprayers are designed to meet the demanding Australian conditions in a way that only home-grown engineering can. All our products are supported by an array of spare parts manufactured right here in Australia to keep your Sprayer in full working order.

Sprayer Specification

MBE Sprayers are available in a variety of payload capacities and axle configurations including:

  • 4,000 Litre – 4 x 2 Chassis
  • 6,000 Litre – 4 x 2 Chassis
  • 10,000 Litre – 6 x 4 Chassis
  • 12,000 Litre – 6 x 4 Chassis
  • 14,000 Litre – 8 x 4 Chassis

Utilising our time proven MBE Bitumen Pumps and Valves, specifically designed for the application of high temperature bitumen products, our Sprayers can deliver a spray width of up to 9 metres when using the Spraybar Extension option (standard spray width of 8 metres).


To optimise our Sprayer to each client’s specific needs we offer a wide range of options including a variety of Spraybar systems.

Please see our ‘Bitumen Sprayer Gallery’ for more images of our Sprayers.

Ozibar - Spraybar

Developed by MBE & launched in back in 2001 the Ozibar is our most popular Spraybar option. Designed to combine a robust nature with high performance, these Spraybars are easy to maintain with all spare parts readily available via overnight express delivery.

There are a range of automation options available to further enhance this Spraybars capabilities including the ‘Ozibar G-TAR System’.

Double Row (DR) Poppet - Spraybar

This is the flag ship of all MBE Spraybar options. Building on all the advantages of the Poppet valve system, the DR Poppet can be used to deliver a variable application rate across the Spraybar width. Also known as ‘transversely variable’ this system can be used when resurfacing to allow for the polished tracks caused by vehicle tyres, allowing the ideal application rate to be achieved across the full width of the road surface in a single pass.

Control of the DR Poppet Spraybar comes via our ‘G-TAR Maxi Control System’.

Single Row (SR) Poppet - Spraybar

Designed to offer the next level of Spraybar control. Each Poppet spray valve in the system is individually actuated allowing the operator absolute control over which valves fire & when.

In addition to the operational improvements, the Poppet bar reduces the number of mechanical components such as the flip-over levers, linkages and pivot bushes making the spray bar easier to maintain.

The Poppet valves also introduce a significant improvement to operational safety, allowing the product to be circulated through the Sparybar while raised or lowered without the risk of the bar valves misfiring, possibly resulting in serious burns.

The whole system is controlled via MBE’s ‘G-TAR Control System’.

Custom Built

Every MBE Sprayer is made to order in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located Altona North, Victoria.

We pride ourselves on supplying advanced road making equipment which is a culmination of craftsmanship, ingenuity and a whole team of experts collaborating to deliver Australia’s premier Bitumen Spraying vehicle.

Please see our ‘Bitumen Sprayer Gallery’ for more images of our Sprayers.

For a full list of all available options please get in touch via the ‘Enquiry’ page and find our details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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