What is G-TAR?

G-TAR1 is Matthews Brothers Premier control & automation package. G-TAR is available as an optional upgrade on all of our Bitumen Sprayers from the super robust ‘Ozibar’ system, ‘Single Row Poppet’ and our flagship, ‘Double Row Poppet’ (Also known as the G-TAR Maxi).

What does G-TAR stand for?

G-TAR stand for Guaranteed Target Application Rate, which was the driving force behind the original concept. It has been developed through the years to result in the modern G-TAR system we offer today.

What’s included?

The G-TAR package is comprised of a series of upgrades to equipment, instrumentation & the control system including pneumatically actuated vales and a touch screen cab mounted display (H.M.I.2). The package results in a smart & intuitive3 system which facilitates optimised operator control, all from the safety of the vehicle cab.

How does G-TAR affect daily operations?

G-TAR assists the operator in an environment where time efficiencies and safety concerns are paramount. The cab mounted touch screen quite literally allows the operator finger-tip control to achieve consistency of application rates from 0.5 to 3 litres/m2.

The G-TAR system is programmed to deliver a variety of spraying parameters meaning sprayer operators can throw the traditional road speed charts out the window. The sprayer operator can simply select the number and type/s of jet to be used, set the desired application rate and allow G-TAR to do it’s thing. All that is left for the operator to do is select the gear recommended by the system, dial up the engine speed & then hit the mark to deliver a Guaranteed Target Application Rate.

G-TAR will continually adjust operational parameters in real time, to match the road speed and deliver consistency with great ease.

There are a wide range of additional benefits & functions which accompany the G-TAR system to further enhance the value and functionality of your sprayer. For a full breakdown of all the features please contact via the ‘Enquiry’ page and find our details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

We pride ourselves on supplying advanced road making equipment which is a culmination of craftsmanship, ingenuity and a whole team of experts collaborating to deliver the Australia’s premier ‘Bitumen Spraying’ vehicle.

Please also see our ‘Bitumen Sprayer Gallery’ for more images of our Sprayers.

The road ahead leads to the future, so let’s make sure it’s a good one . . .


  1. G-TAR – Guaranteed Target Application Rate.
  2. H.M.I. – Human Machine Interface.
  3. Intuitive – User friendly.