About Our Aggregate Spreaders

MBE have been manufacturing specialised road manufacturing machinery & equipment since the 70’s, for over half a century we have refined our products resulting in our modern range of premier equipment including the MBE Aggregate Spreaders.

Our Aggregate Spreaders are designed to meet the demanding Australian conditions in a way that only home-grown engineering can. All MBE products are supported by an array of Spare Parts manufactured right here in Australia to keep your Sprayer in full working order.

Spreader Specification

MBE currently offer two Aggregate Spreader Box options, designed for install on a wide range of tipper body styles.

  • Classic Fixed Width – 2.7 M Spreader
  • Expanding Winged – 2.4 M extending to over 2.7 M

Both spreader options feature similar 8 x independently operated gates which can be opened and closed in any configuration as well as a mechanically actuated adjustable dampener bar and manual fine gate adjustment, to accommodate various grades of material.

The units come with a handheld remote keypad in addition to the cabin control unit (fitting option available).

Classic Fixed Width – Spreader

Our Classic Fixed Width Spreader has evolved throughout the years to deliver a robust, high quality aggregate spreading option which allows for a 2.7m spreader width. Our spreaders offer improved durability through the pivoting gate design with enhanced reliability when compared to other traditional gate designs available on the market making MBE Spreader Box units a great option for your business.

Winged Extendable - Spreader

Our Winged Spreader has been developed to offer all the key features found within our Classic build while providing the additional advantage of the inboard design. Fitted to a traditional tipper body this unit sits under the standard 2.5 metre width restriction during transit removing the need for special “OVER WIDTH” permits. Once on site the Winged design extends either side of the unit to deliver the same spreading width as any traditional spreader unit.

Simple yet smart and of course all Australian Made to offer the next level of Aggregate Spreader design.

Fitting & Other Options

We offer ‘Supply Only’ or ‘Supply & Fit’ as well as a number of optional extras such as single or twin hydraulic lifts. For a full list of all available options and pricing, please get in touch via the ‘Enquiry’ page or find our details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

We pride ourselves on supplying advanced road making equipment which is a culmination of craftsmanship, ingenuity and a whole team of experts collaborating to deliver Australia’s premier road making machinery.

Please see our ‘Aggregate Spreader Gallery’ for more images of our Spreaders.

The road ahead leads to the future, so let’s make sure it’s a good one . .